Burn Permits

It is that time of year again as of April 1st Burn Permits are required. Visit your area department or click here to fill it out online (a printer is required).

Don’t forget to check the local area conditions before you burn: Call the Burn Permit Advisory line 907-451-2631¬†or online.

Burning piles up to 10×10 and Burn Barrels must follow the burn permit guidelines:
Have a burn permit with you, whether electronic or paper
No burning during windy periods
No burning within 30 ft. from structures or utility lines
Construct a firebreak 10 ft. wide down to mineral soil, burn barrels require 6 ft., and lawns need a 8 ft wet line
At least 1 adult must attend fire at all times, 3 adults for lawns
Have tools and water at the site to control the fire
No burning substances that creates black smoke or toxic gases

NOTE: For large burns over 10×10 please call the Division of Forestry at 451-2625 or 451-2629
Permit does not relieve the permittee from responsibility for damages from an escaped fire.

Stay Safe