As of April 1, 2021 Burn Permits are required!

    Beginning April 1st, 2021 DOF Small- and Large-Scale burn permits are required on all state, municipal and private lands in Alaska that do not have a burn permit program in place that is equal to or more stringent than the States. 

    It is important that anyone obtaining and using a new 2021 DOF Small-Scale or Large-Scale burn permit read the permit in its entirety and understand what is authorized and required in the permit before setting any allowed fires. Violations of the wildland fire protection statutes and/or regulations contained within AS 41.15 and/or 11 AAC 95, which includes both Small- and Large-Scale permitted burning, as well as warming, cooking, or signaling fires, can now result in a fine or mandatory court appearance. 

    For questions or more information about the new changes, please contact your nearest State of Alaska Division Forestry Office. 

Help reduce human-caused wildfires in Alaska
“Take the Time to LEARN Before you Burn”

  • Burn permits are required by law during Alaska’s fire season from April 1st through August 31st, and at other times of the year as designated by the Commissioner of the Dept. of Natural Resources.
  • Small Scale Burn Permits are required for burn barrels, burning a maintained lawn of less than 1 acre, and a brush pile of organic material not exceeding 10 feet in diameter by 4 feet in height.
  • Large Scale Burn Permits are required for any burning of wooded debris that exceeds the size and/or complexity of the Small Scale Burn Permit including agricultural parcels, land clearing, logging operations, and contractor certification burning.
  • Campfires, warming and signal fires less than 3’ feet in diameter and 2 feet in height do NOT require a Burn Permit but must comply with local laws and Alaska Wildland Fire Protection Statutes and Regulations.
  • Alaska Wildland Fire protection laws apply year round and safe burning guidelines must be followed even when permits are not required.
  • Burn permits are required on all State, Municipal, Borough, City and private parcels not covered under local or Federal laws.
  • Several boroughs and cities in Alaska maintain their own Burn Permit ordinances and programs that do not require a State issued Burn Permit. It is up to the land owner to determine what Burn Permit laws and requirements apply to their property before burning.

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