Volunteer Opportunities

Becoming a volunteer member with Chena Goldstream Fire & Rescue is an important decision that needs to be well thought out. Chena Goldstream welcomes Fire/ EMS volunteers, EMS only, and Fire only Volunteers.

The requirements for our volunteer members are as follows;

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Clean Driving Record
  •  Attend Recruit Class with 100% attendance and completion of all skills.
  • 60 hours minimum shift hour participation per month.
  • Pass the  EMS Only Agility Test or Fire/EMS Agility Test each year and maintain your physical fitness.
  • Respond to General Alarms regardless of whether it’s your shift or not.
  • Attend 50% of applicant’s discipline monthly training.
  • Continually progress in certifications and developing your operational knowledge and skills.

If you feel that you are able to fulfill these obligations please continue with the application process.

 Volunteer Application 

Completed applications can be hand delivered to Station 42 at 716 Chena Ridge Rd. Fairbanks, AK 99709, or Fax it to (907) 479-5858 Attn: Recruit Coordinator.

For more information about our Volunteer program, please contact:
Recruit Coordinator
Station: (907) 479-5672
Email: info@cgfr.com


Scholarship Opportunities

Chena Goldstream Fire and Rescue provides 6, four year scholarships. The main purpose of this scholarship is to assist the fire department in greater staffing of volunteers for emergency response operations. Scholarship recipients must be registered as full time students with UAF’s Community and Technical College (CTC) in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The scholarship will reimburse expenses for the following line items each Fall and Spring semester, not to exceed $2954 plus mileage per semester.

  • 15 credits total, 12 credits funded through this scholarship plus 3 credits waived by the CTC Fire Science program. After the Associates degree is achieved, 12 credits per semester will be funded.
  • University Fees
  • Course/Material Fees
  • Textbooks
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Parking Fee
  • Mileage to and from class

The “Total Semester” cost reimbursement is $4186 plus mileage per semester. Students who desire to take more credits than what is covered by the scholarship, may do so at their expense. Students who are not Alaska residents, may be subject to additional tuition fees of which they are responsible for.

A 3 credit tuition expense will be waived for those individuals enrolled in the Fire Science Program through UAF’s Community and Technical College through an agreement with the college.

A fire department dorm room will be provided free of charge at different station locations (dependent on availability and certifications).

Scholarship recipients must meet eligibility requirements in order to qualify for reimbursements each semester. The requirements are:

  • Maintain a semester GPA of 2.0
  • Complete 15 credit hours minimum, each semester
  • Participate in all Tuesday night and other mandatory trainings
  • Participate in the intern programs 48hr on / 96hr off shift schedule
  • Successful completion of assigned semester project

When an applicant is selected for a scholarship/intern position, a scholarship offer is made to the individual, contingent on the applicants completion of the following items;

  1. The applicant is registered with the CTC Fire Science Program.
  2. The applicant is enrolled in the CTC Fire Academy and successfully graduates from the Academy.
  3. The applicant passes the Chena Goldstream Fire/EMS Physical Agility Test.
Download Scholarship Application Packet

Completed applications can be hand delivered or mailed to Station 42 at 716 Chena Ridge Rd. Fairbanks, AK 99709, or Fax it to (907) 479-5858 Attn: Scholarship Coordinator.

For more information about our Scholarship/ Intern program, please contact:
Dianne Young
Office: (907) 479-5672
Email: dyoung@cgfr.com