2017 Rosenbauer Engine

Make Rosenbauer Commander 4000
Year 2017
Engine Cummins ISX 12 500 HP.
Tank 1,500 gallons
Pump 1,500 gpm Waterous
Additional  Light tower, 20kw Hydraulic Generator, Basic Extrication Equipment, Seasonal Wildland Gear
The 2017 Rosenbauer engine is relatively new to CGFR and serves as the front-line engine out of station 43 It is equipped with a hydraulic 4-wheel drive system which allows it to sit lower to the ground and easily navigate the narrow hilly roads of Fairbanks area. This engine carries a full complement of equipment for structure fires, and is provisioned with a state-of-the-art E-hydrualic combi-tool for vehicle extrication as well as wildland gear during the summer months.