2020 Rosenbauer Engine

Make Rosenbauer
Year 2020
Engine Cummins X12, 500HP.
Tank 1000 gallons
Pump 1,500 gpm Waterous
Additional Extrication equipment, 14 kw Hydraulic Generator, Wildland Gear.

Delivered in May of 2020 this is CGFR’s newest Engine. It sits a little higher than it’s sibling Rosenbauer Engine because it has a true 4-wheel drive system, which gives it a better capability to not get stuck in the deep mud and snow common in the Alaskan Interior. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for structural and wildland fire attack, vehicle extrication, and EMS first response. This engine has a full array of the newest E-draulic Hurst Extrication tools. These tools are waterproof, battery operated and are smaller, lighter and stronger than traditional hydraulically powered Hurst tools.